Author: Tara

Are Your Goals Buried In The Garden?

Home » Archives for Tara Whilst we have good intentions at the beginning of a new year in setting goals, it’s a bit like planting something in your garden. We love what we’ve planted and so we begin to water it and look after it. There’s a growth spurt so we water it some more. Then some distractions enter our life. We forget to water it. Suddenly weeds encroach on what we’ve planted and it dies. It’s a bit like goals. Harvard Medical School conducted a study and the results were quite amazing. 70% of people who set goals...

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Inspirational Flowers

On my 6-month trip travelling around Australia, I visited the delightful gardens of Cactus Country at Strathmerton in Victoria.  I happened to be there at the right time! Here is a collection of stunning flowering Cacti, paired with inspirational quotes. ...

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Listen to your Intuition

Listening to your intuition gives you the opportunity of stepping into a zone where all your senses are heightened and you purposefully step forward with certainty, joy and conviction. Signs present themselves and everything clicks into place – and continues to do so. Fighting your intuition results in an inner wrestle, lack of purpose, and ongoing struggle in trying to ‘make things work’; no matter what those ‘things’ are, big or small. If it calls for it, do your due diligence. Then take that exhilarating step that your intuition has been yelling at you to take. Listen to the...

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