Category: Mind+Body

Message In A Bottle

As you’re meandering along the beach with the seagulls making a distinct sound in your ears, you notice this bottle half stuck in the sand at the waters edge. You can hardly contain your excitement as, with hands starting to tremble, you gingerly unroll the paper you extracted from the bottle. Only to find with glee that it is not one, but several pages rolled into the bottle! Then your hands start to tremble. Your heart begins to do a loud boom boom in your ears. The message, the story you are reading – it is about…..

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Learning to Forgive Yourself

Forgiving others can sometimes be easier than forgiving ‘YOU’. Love starts with yourself, so are you treating yourself with the same compassion and respect? Are you allowing yourself to learn from it and move on?

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STOP Sabotaging Yourself!

You are more intelligent than you give yourself credit for. Your mind loves to come up with solutions to your problems or needs, if you give it the permission to do so. By changing your thought patterns and the questions you ask of yourself, you give your mind an opportunity to play a game, to challenge itself, to kick into gear and provide you with insights and inspiration that can take you to the next level.

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