Add Happiness To Your Day

I love simple things… it’s the simple things in life which can totally transform your day and turn it into one of sunshine (even if it is raining!).


Here are some easy ways to add happiness to your day:



1. Watch a movie. Grab a big bucket of popcorn and immerse yourself in your favorite movie.

2. Watch your kids or loved ones. Simply observe them and think about how much you appreciate the fact that they’re in your life.

3. Call your best friend. A phone call with a close friend is a great way to pass some time in a way that is comfortable and familiar to you. You can think about old times or enjoy planning something fun for the future.

4. Go out for ice cream. Okay, I agree, this one is a little naughty… but what the heck, you have to indulge once in a while, right?! And if you don’t like ice cream, grab your favorite treat instead.

5. Enjoy nature. Take a walk in the park and admire the different patterns and shapes on the trunks of the trees, or the flowers, or whatever catches your eye.  Or what about just observing the beauty of the stars at night.

6. Take a hot bath. What a great stress buster! Light some scented candles to include the benefits of aromatherapy to the relaxing warmth of the bath.

7. Play a sport. Gather your friends and have a friendly competition. Sports are a fun way to get some exercise and relieve stress.

8. Zzzzzz. An afternoon nap may be just what you’re looking for. Even 15 minutes of shut-eye can help you feel more energized and happy.

9. Snuggle with your partner. Take the time to appreciate your partner and snuggle up for some couple-time. It’s a great way to reconnect, especially if you’ve been really busy.

10.  Be lazy. Take some time to simply be lazy, with no responsibilities, and give yourself some me-time. Hmmm… how indulgent! 🙂

11.  Listen to your favorite song. Crank up the tunes! And while you’re at it, why not put on your dancing shoes?! 😉

12.  Make casual conversation. Strike up some lively conversations with strangers. If you’re friendly and happy towards them, they’ll likely be the same to you.

13.  Be thankful. Reflect on all the things that you’re grateful for in your life and write them down. You might be surprised at how long your list is! Sometimes changing your focus to what’s going right in your life is all you need to turn that frown upside down.

14.  Enjoy time with your pets. Pets are part of the family too. Snuggle up with your pet for some quality time together.


And don’t forget; be entirely present in the moment to feel the joy travel through your whole being.


So what simple things did I leave off this list that YOU like to do to bring happiness into your day? Share it with me below! 🙂