14 Simple Ways to Add Happiness to Your Day

I love simple things… it’s the simple things in life which can totally transform your day and turn it into one of sunshine (even if it is raining!).

Here are 14 easy ways to add happiness to your day:

1. Watch a movie. Grab a big bucket of popcorn and immerse yourself in your favorite movie.

2. Watch your kids or loved ones. Simply observe them and think about how much you appreciate the fact that they’re in your life.

3. Call your best friend. A phone call with a close friend is a great way to pass some time in a way that is comfortable and familiar to you. You can think about old times or enjoy planning something fun for the future.

4. Go out for ice cream. Okay, I agree, this one is a little naughty… but what the heck, you have to indulge once in a while, right?! And if you don’t like ice cream, grab your favorite treat instead.

5. Enjoy nature. Take a walk in the park and admire the different patterns and shapes on the trunks of the trees, or the flowers, or whatever catches your eye.  Or what about just observing the beauty of the stars at night.

6. Take a hot bath. What a great stress buster! Light some scented candles to include the benefits of aromatherapy to the relaxing warmth of the bath.

7. Play a sport. Gather your friends and have a friendly competition. Sports are a fun way to get some exercise and relieve stress.

8. Zzzzzz. An afternoon nap may be just what you’re looking for. Even 15 minutes of shut-eye can help you feel more energized and happy.

9. Snuggle with your partner. Take the time to appreciate your partner and snuggle up for some couple-time. It’s a great way to reconnect, especially if you’ve been really busy.

10.  Be lazy. Take some time to simply be lazy, with no responsibilities, and give yourself some me-time. Hmmm… how indulgent! 🙂

11.  Listen to your favorite song. Crank up the tunes! And while you’re at it, why not put on your dancing shoes?! 😉

12.  Make casual conversation. Strike up some lively conversations with strangers. If you’re friendly and happy towards them, they’ll likely be the same to you.

13.  Be thankful. Reflect on all the things that you’re grateful for in your life and write them down. You might be surprised at how long your list is! Sometimes changing your focus to what’s going right in your life is all you need to turn that frown upside down.

14.  Enjoy time with your pets. Pets are part of the family too. Snuggle up with your pet for some quality time together.


And don’t forget; be entirely present in the moment to feel the joy travel through your whole being.


So what simple things did I leave off this list that YOU like to do to bring happiness into your day? Share it with me below! 🙂





  1. Sharon Whyte

    Hi Tara,
    I love it! We all need to come right here when we are doing too much in our daily routines and remind ourselves to do one of your above ‘simple things’ for some much needed and deserved Time out!

    Thanks for reminding me of many thing to do and sharing with us all
    Sharon Whyte
    .-= Sharon Whyte´s last blog ..Do I Really Need To Set Goals? =-.

  2. Angela

    What a great list! I think we all need to take time and appreciate the wonderful things in our life. I love the tip about being grateful and writing it down. Thanks for sharing.
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..Do I Have Something On My Face? =-.

  3. normz2

    Looking forward to the next time that I will playing bridge. Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays. I really enjoy playing bridge, it sharpens your concentration.
    .-= normz2´s last blog ..Digital Photography =-.

  4. Andie Petoskey


    I absolutely love this! I have bookmarked this post so I can come back and read it again when I need to.

    I am all about the music! When a great song comes on, I will “crank” it up and my day completely turns around. It is amazing what music can do for your attitude!

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~Andie Petoskey

  5. Rowena Coshan

    Hi Tara,

    Thanks for the reminder, we all need to stop sometimes.

    Along with all your wonderful suggestions here are a few little things I find make me happy;

    Make my daughter laugh (that has to be the absolute number one of anything)

    Open the curtains and let in the light

    Stand in the sun and feel the sun on my face

    Read a good book or something inspirational

    Dance in the rain (on a warm rainy day)

    Keep Smiling!

    Rowena Coshan

  6. Tracey Rissik

    Hi Tara,

    A perfect post to read this Friday – I’ve been dealing with a lot of negative self-talk, and just this morning was discussing with a friend how I need to lighten up, love myself more … and do something loving for myself today – and now I have a choice of 14 things to inspire me 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this positive energy!
    best wishes

    .-= Tracey Rissik´s last blog ..Simple SEO techniques part 2 : don’t ‘Click Here’ =-.

  7. Gina Nero

    Hi Tara,

    I love a to-do list that sounds like this. Always great to be reminded to appreciate the simple things–those are the ones we forget.


  8. Shaylee

    Hey Tara,

    Thanks for the great tips! One of the things I like to do create a little happiness in my day is to turn on some music and do a little dance! Thanks for the great post! Hope you are having a happy day!


  9. Phil Eldred

    Hi Tara…

    I just discovered your blog and find it very impressive… I love it!

    I like being happy for no reason… but for extra happiness, I will
    play my guitar, banjo, mandolin or hammered dulcimer.

    I believe that happiness is a state of mind and not just the result
    of special activities but, for sure, the activities do help!

    All the Best,
    .-= Phil Eldred´s last blog ..Quit School at 11, Went On to Earn Millions! =-.

  10. Stacy

    That’s a great list, thank you for sharing! It’s amazing how much pets can help us, even little ones. We got a hamster for my son and I have found that it relaxes me a lot to pet that little hamster! We also have a big dog and throwing the ball around for her can be a good stress reliever!

  11. Dallas Cyr

    There is so much beauty in tip #2 and I love #4 because that is my favorite food! Thanks.

    Peace & Prosperity,
    Dallas Cyr
    .-= Dallas Cyr´s last blog ..It’s My Birthday =-.

  12. Primal Toad

    This is a pretty comprehensive list and a great one at that. I implement most of these into my life and will take a stand to implement as many as possible on a daily basis. The one thing we are all after is happiness so why not do the things that will allow that to happen?

    I will be passing this article around – its a must read for everyone 🙂
    .-= Primal Toad´s last blog ..Barefoot Sprint Intervals Outside In My Backyard =-.

  13. Kerry Painter

    Tara. I loved this post. Yesterday morning i got up and i felt good but then I heard Summer Song by Joe Satriani on the radio and it made me feel oh so much better. Music is a massive part of my life.
    .-= Kerry Painter´s last blog ..Community Not Competition…..I Like It =-.

  14. Teresa

    I love doing all these things you suggest but would like to add one more. Hold a newborn baby in your arms and look into those precious eyes. It really opens up the heart:)
    Your website is very cool! Thanks

    .-= Teresa´s last blog ..Magnesium is the Master Relaxer Mineral =-.

  15. Karen Smith

    Tara, I like your list. It is so true that we should take time to relax and enjoy the things and people we enjoy being with. They are an important part of our lives too.
    Thanks for sharing.
    .-= Karen Smith´s last blog ..How I show appreciation sometimes! =-.

  16. Martyna Magdalena

    Hey Tara:)

    thank You dear for this great list. The activities You mentioned act like a breath, refreshing.

    I would also add yoga, and cooking!;)
    I love the number 13 – be thankful!

    enjoy Your day, take care

  17. Everett J Smith

    Thank you Tara for reminding us that it’s the little things in life that count. Some of us have too much of a focus on business and have forgotton to stop and “smell the roses”. Thanks for your support buddy and I will stay posted. Be well!


    Everett J Smith
    “The Coach With The Bowtie”


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