My Professional Why

To elevate the authentic personal brands and ethical influence of Leaders and Emerging Leaders, so they can advance their career and serve as a catalyst for financially sound organisations, happy workforces, and raved about products and services.

Tara’s knowledge, understanding, and emotional intelligence shines in the services she provides. 

~ David C.

Personal Mission

To inspire others in living out a joyful and meaningful life aligned with their values and purpose, so they can make a difference to the world in ways that is etched on their heart.



I am passionate about people being inspired and doing work that is etched on their heart. I coach leaders, emerging leaders and intrapreneurs in career growth and satisfaction.


Capturing stories through images is my all time favourite hobby, along with post-production. Nothing better than travelling, meeting new people, and capturing what I see. 


I believe we can learn a lot from Mother Earth – many lessons that can be applied to life and career. I’m an advocate of caring for our beautiful planet and encourage folks to spend as much time in nature as possible for physical and mental wellbeing.



I help Leaders & Emerging Leaders to authentically elevate their brand and marketing for greater impact and career opportunities.


A thirst for knowledge I study human behaviour, positive psychology, marketing, business strategy + more that also gives my clients the edge in their personal branding & marketing.


Some people call me the ‘animal whisperer’ 😉 I despise animal cruelty and using animals for entertainment. Over the years I’ve been the 2-legged mum of horses, guinea pigs, alpacas, fish, dogs, and cats. Currently proud Mum of Miss Effie, a rescue Greyhound.

Being really good at something doesn’t mean you love what you do. It’s a waste of your talent NOT to be in a job that fills your heart with joy.

~ Tara Michelle West ~


Tara Michelle West is a personal branding and marketing strategist and executive career coach who has served as a catalyst for thousands of people from 36 countries in being happy and fulfilled in their career. They have achieved this via her career coaching; career programs; personal branding services; videos; articles; contribution to books, articles and radio; and jobseeker software which, in itself, has thousands of users via licenses to recruiters, resume writers, corporate industry, and individuals.

In particular, Tara’s strategies help Leaders and Emerging Leaders in elevating their personal brand and marketing strategies for greater career impact and opportunities, as well as leverage to acquire new leads and / or business on behalf of their employer. In addition, she coaches Executives (and emerging Executives) in aligning with a career that fits their values and purpose, achieving greater work / life balance to maintain flow and meaning, and achieving momentum for both work and life accomplishments and satisfaction.

Tara’s corporate clients have included Hewlett Packard Australia, Ingrity Data & Analytics, Vero Insurance, Mission Australia, and Department of Education & Training, amongst others. Tara’s expertise has been sought as a contributor and industry expert on ABC Radio, She Said Magazine, and Career One. Some of her other accomplishments have been recognition as a Finalist in the prestigious Telstra Women’s Business Awards, as well as being featured as co-author of  “Living an Abundant Life”, with motivational public speaker and self-development author, Brian Tracy; self-help author and motivational speaker, the late Dr Wayne Dyer; author of the Conversations With God series, Neale Donald Walsch; inspirational and motivational speaker, trainer and author, Mark Victor Hanson; and corporate trainer and author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Jack Canfield.

Tara has established and built four successful brands over the past 28 years, including three B2B / B2C companies and a software product. These have been in the PR, design, marketing, branding and careers space. In 2017 she founded Big Oak Coaching and merged an existing business to further grow her services in alignment with her passions. She helps leaders and emerging leaders in having amazing careers and making an impact on the world in ways that are etched on their heart.

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  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Certificate in Everyday Psychology
  • Diploma of Freelance Journalism
  • Clinical EFT Practitioner


I was 6 when I embarked on my first entrepreneurial adventure.

I wandered out the home with a cardboard box and went on one side of the neighbourhood, knocking doors and asking if they had toys they no longer wanted. I then went the other side of the neighbourhood, knocked doors and sold what I collected.

When mum found out a few hours later she was horrified I was wandering on my own and, as you can imagine, the “business venture” didn’t last long! What a shame… I was getting quite a good little stash of cash for a 6-year old! It’s still something we all laugh about.

Fast forward to age 13 and I created a second business. My horse pooped, I scooped, and I’d sell door-to-door. I got clever at devising marketing tactics to get more customers… I was very motivated to pay for the never-ending upkeep of my horse!

I created hand-written fliers and letter boxed, knocked on doors, and told everyone I knew to tell everyone they knew what I was up to (if only social media was around back then!).

I had loyal, repeat clientele who loved my product for their rose bushes! I’m still proud of that first ‘business’ I created. It taught me a lot and I took the skills and lessons I learned into my other four businesses, the first which I started when I was 21. Things like hard work, negotiation, sales, customer care, customer satisfaction, and referrals.

These days, you won’t find me selling toys or marketing horse poo.

I harness my talent and passion for personal branding and marketing to help folks authentically market their unique brand, amplify their message, and elevate their career opportunities. And through my executive career coaching, I help leaders (and emerging leaders) in living an On Purpose life: being in work that is etched on their heart and levelling up their performance to accelerate their value and work satisfaction.

There’s nothing better than doing work that is etched on your heart. It is a philosophy I advocate and am proud to live by. It has seen me do work I love for over 28 years.

I’ve also walked the talk when it comes to reinventing, reviving and re-branding… something I’ve done several times throughout my career; either personally or for various businesses, products and services.

Branding and reinvention is no small feat… I am grateful for the lessons learned that allows me to walk beside my clients and coach them through it. I’ve been there and done it. When it comes to your own personal brand, I understand the doubt, the fear, the frustration, the failures, the tenacity, the courage, and the wins. Because sometimes branding – or re-branding – can be a scary thing, right?! You’re stepping into the ‘unknown’. But when you do it right, when you do it from the heart, when you do it with authenticity… it’s all worth it. Everyone has a story to tell and a brand to share with the world, it’s the way you tell it that counts.

If I were to sum up… I am passionate about people living an ‘On Purpose’ Life, congruent with their values and the difference they want to make in the world. Every day I’m blessed that I am on this journey to help folks achieve their career goals and mission in life. 

On a personal note, I’m a mad photographer, nature and animal lover, and I’m nuts about all things positive and inspirational. So when I’m not collaborating with clients, you’ll find me lost in the countryside somewhere with my camera. Or having a yak with folks… and sharing uplifting content with the hope of putting a spark in someone’s eye.

So tell me… What is your passion and purpose? Have a wander through my site. I have some great self-improvement content that will help shape your vision and goals, encourage you in mapping your course, taking action, and enjoying your journey. As an ongoing student of life and all things career and business, I love sharing the stuff I know, as well as new insights and knowledge I come across in Life’s Continuing Journey.  If you’re after specific career insights and strategies, you’re welcome to visit my careers blog over at Big Oak Coaching (link opens in a new window.)

We all have the skills within to be Masters of our Life Plan and Live Life with Passion and Purpose.

Let’s connect on social media and stay in touch.

Warm wishes,


“This Side of Heaven”

Composed by Tara Michelle West

Dedicated to my special little man

6th March 2002 – 15th April 2015

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