Your Brain Believes What You Feed It

What you think and feel can change the whole outcome of your life.  A pretty powerful statement, isn’t it?  Particularly when you relate it to your career.

So let us think about that for a minute.

Your brain believes whatever you feed it.  It knows no better.  It wholeheartedly accepts what you think, what images you hold, and what movies you play in your mind. 

It doesn’t matter whether they are good or bad – positive or negative.  Your brain accepts what you give it, trusts your judgement, and then kicks into gear!

Here’s a good exercise to see what I mean.

On a clear night when there’s a full moon and you’re ready to crash in bed, I want you stand at your back door with no lights on.  You’ll see the outside world bathed in light and I want you to momentarily close your eyes and imagine it’s nearing dawn.


Because it does, somewhat, look that way.  So it’s really the start of a wonderful day!  And when your eyes are shut, you may be thinking about what you might be doing that day… you know, perhaps going for a picnic, thinking about the clients or prospects you need to contact in the afternoon, picking up the kids from school at a different time – whatever it is that you might be doing the next day!

Open your eyes.  Look again at the light outside… you can actually believe that you will see the sun coming up soon and hear the birds chirping.  I bet you will feel wide awake and invigorated… ready to start the day!  Why?  Because you put those IMAGES in your mind, those THOUGHTS, and your brain believed it.  So it triggered the “normal” things you might feel in the morning.

Another one…

Can you remember those really horrible days you have – where nothing seems to be going right?  Everyone seems grumpy – including you – and the whole world seems out to get you!  You can IMMEDIATELY reverse those feelings.  How? 

I want you to sit back in your chair, put a smile on your face and remember the last thing you laughed about.  Was it the movie you watched last night?  Something someone said that left an indelible imprint on your mind?  LAUGH!  And even if you feel stupid, keep on laughing.  Thing is, it will turn into a real genuine laugh, simply because it seems so ridiculous (although your mind doesn’t know that!) 🙂

You will feel your heart lift and, more importantly, feel so wonderful and good that you have eradicated those bad feelings. I encourage you to do it now, even if you’re not feeling grumpy or bad!  Start laughing… think in your mind, oh my goodness, this is just so funny, and keep on laughing.  You’ll soon be belly laughing and feeling really wonderful 🙂 That’s the power of the mind.

So what makes you feel really good?

I mean – the real deep down feeling of satisfaction, contentment, and peace.  Think about it.  Because it’s those things which you can draw upon in your mind to lift and propel you toward greater things.  For instance, you may find great contentment and a feeling of peace by lying down in a paddock of daisies and staring at the clouds.

Whatever it is that motivates and works for you, think about it constantly.  Let your brain feed itself on those thoughts and images.

Just as a top athlete plays a movie over and over in their mind of winning, you too can play your own movie of having the most fulfilling career and life, grasping within your hands everything you ever wished and hoped for – but only if you believe in it, and only if you feed those thoughts and images to your brain.

For it knows no better.  It trusts in your judgement. 

And when you feed your brain something long enough it will ultimately believe it, but more importantly, YOU will start to believe it and LIVE it.  And when that happens, whatever you think and believe in transcends into something real.

Remember: what you think, what you feel and what you dream, is who you are and what you will become.

Seize life!  Everything that you desire is yours 🙂

“I always knew that someday I would once again feel the grass under my feet and walk in the sunshine a free man.” Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom.




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