I remember my mentor, Peter Daniels, talking about an occasion when he was at home, sitting on a banana lounge under a big tree and gazing at the bough of this massive tree and wondering “I wonder how much that would weigh?”  And trying to work out the weight of the bough.

And getting thirsty, he decided to get up and go inside to get a glass of lemonade.

He got up and as he started to walk away, the bough suddenly came crashing down onto the banana lounge he was laying on.

He said: “I could have died that day. But we are all destined for greater things.” He recited many other things in his life where he could have died, but he had a calling for greater things.

I have much admiration for Peter Daniels, an illiterate bricklayer in debt who in his early 20’s, whilst doing some bricky work on a hotel in Mount Gambier, South Australia (my home town), got out a dictionary and asked people to pronounce the word.  Who went on to become an Australian Ambassador, was the only person who spoke twice at President Clinton’s inauguration, and founded the World Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies (amongst many other things).

Mr Daniels failed many times in business ventures, overcame the odds, and went on to be a shining light for his country and many people. He inspired me, in part, to be the person I am today.

And his message continues to shine; just as it did many years ago.  YOU are destined for greater things.

Never forget that.

You are a shining light and beacon to many others in your sphere of influence; which extends to many thousands upon thousands of others in a much greater ripple effect.

Please let your light shine and believe that YOU are destined for greater things, as too the people’s lives you continue to touch.


Image Credit: http://abstract.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper/51145/