Earlier this week, I was in a call with my coach Julie (yes, coaches have coaches too!), and I opened up a topic about some eBooks I had written and published back in the 90’s and that I continue to revise on a regular basis; and how an idea had popped into my head about doing something different with them.

Some thoughts were jumping around in my head, but I hadn’t really clarified clearly what I wanted. So, as all good coaches do, Julie fired some questions my way and, by the end of the call, my vision was clearer and I had started to map out a path and journey that I wanted to take with my eBooks.

Before I share with you this amazing story; firstly, a little background.

Initially, I sold my eBooks as a standalone product, which I changed in 2001 and incorporated into some software that I developed – so they were no longer a standalone product.

In 2005 – around 10 years after I wrote the original version – I suddenly felt motivated to register my eBooks and apply for ISBNs. I had no idea why I needed to do that; but the urging was strong so I listened to my heart and did it.  As the ISBN Agency states on their website: “The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies books and book-like products published internationally. Each number identifies a unique edition of a publication, from one specific publisher, allowing for more efficient marketing of products by booksellers, libraries, universities, wholesalers and distributors.” The significance of this will become clear in a moment.

For a little while now, I have had this ‘feeling’ that I need to separate the eBooks from the software and, once again, offer as a standalone product. In fact, the feelings have been getting stronger, so I realized it must be for a reason, and that is when the thought popped into my head that I need to do something with it – and this is when Julie stepped in with some coaching to help me define this ever-persistent pull.

If you have ever worked with a coach, you know and understand the POWER of saying your thoughts out loud and then working through your ideas to arrive at some solid solutions and, importantly, an action plan to see that solution to fruition.  One of these powers in saying your thoughts and intentions out loud, is that you are bedding it down and throwing that conscious thought out into the Universe.

And so it began for me. My thoughts and intentions were out there… my journey was starting.

Almost every night I fall to sleep with special affirmations that I have recorded… that day (which was a Monday), I re-recorded my affirmations to incorporate my intentions with my eBooks.

Starting that day, I played my own movie and saw my vision; saw myself in that vision. I was there already.

Starting that day, I took action steps toward my vision and acted with urgency.  And, as I do every day, I took time to reflect and give deep gratitude for what has happened in my life that day.

Let’s fast forward to Friday.

Whilst I had taken action steps over the last four days, the eBooks were still ‘wrapped’ as a bundle with my software products and my plans were still in the beginning phases, including revisions, new website, new marketing plans, and so on.

At 10.15 Friday morning, I received a phone call. I find this time significant. Because on Monday, I finished my coaching call with Julie at 10.14am.

Who was on the call? An International supplier of (ISBN-registered) technical and academic printed books and eBooks to public libraries and university libraries. This organisation wants to promote my eBooks to libraries within Australia and Singapore. WOW!

Was it a coincidence that I felt a need to register my eBooks with ISBNs? No.

Was it a coincidence that I felt an urgent need to overhaul what I am currently doing with my eBooks? No.

Was it a coincidence that I felt a need to discuss it with my coach that galvanized me into action? No.

Was it a coincidence that this company rang me out of the blue? No.

Does the Law of Attraction REALLY work? Yes, it does. It has been proven to me, time and time again.

There are no coincidences in life. You DO attract what you think; on a conscious and subconscious level. When you have a desire for something – which comes from a place deep within your heart – when you apply consistent efforts and positive thoughts, coupled with a genuine gratitude for what you have in your life, RIGHT NOW, you will be astounded at what starts to transpire in your life.

What has happened in your life using the Law of Attraction (or happened without you even knowing it was the Law of Attraction at play)?  Please share with me your stories and / or thoughts.