Are Your Doubts Holding You Back?

I was watching a video by Mary Morrissey today, and I’d like to share my thoughts about it with you.

It was all about directing power to create dispelling doubt.

When doubt creeps in, it can change the whole outcome of your entire life. Whether it’s doubt for something personal happening in your life… doubt for something you want to do with your business (or doubt that sees you not even getting off the starting block)… doubt for something in your relationships… and so on.

By entertaining the doubt, you are altering your decisions and outcomes; the entire vibration of your mind, which gives rise to ideas that make available the answers for you. This therefore can change the whole outcome of your entire life.

Can you recall a time when you initially listened closely and deeply to something that ‘felt right’ and, after making a decision to go forward with it, some doubt crept in that prevented you from taking action – from following through on your decision?

Maybe it was your own saboteur, maybe it was worry about “how” it would all come to fruition, maybe it was something negative you read in the newspaper, or maybe it was a lack of support or doubt by people close to you in your life.

The thing is, when you listen to that doubt and let that doubt rule your decisions (that you knew, instinctively, were right in the first place), you are altering the whole course of your life. You are holding yourself back from stepping out with passion and purpose to live your dreams!

Don’t be concerned about needing to know the answers immediately, or worrying about how it will all come together. When you are in harmony with your vibrations, the “how” will present itself to you.

“Stand guard at the portal of your own mind.” Emerson






  1. normz2

    Sorry Iam not photogenic. My biggest reason for doubt is what others say. That makes me even try harder, as I am confident of my own abilities. Sometimes somethings might seem overwhelming. How do you eat an elephant? One bight at a time. My biggest problem there is not enough hours in a day to do what I want, but I eventually get there.

    • Tara

      Normz2, it is good to hear that you use other folks’ comments as a motivating factor for success! I hope you don’t really eat an elephant 😉 (only joking!) Sounds like you have the right ideas and you are going forward toward success… let me know if I can help you with anything 🙂


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