Turning Dreams Into Reality

Can you remember when, as a child, you would lie on the grass, stare up to the clouds and dream?  What happened to your dreams from your youth?  Did they slip away on the wind, forgotten?

Some folks think dreams are silly, that they won’t come true.  Then others say they don’t have a dream at all.  However, most of the wonderful events in our lives, both past and present, have resulted out of dreams.

“I have a dream!” Martin Luther King exclaimed.  He went on to change a nation.  Henry Ford dreamt that a motor car could be affordable for everyone.  Thomas Edison dreamed of a light globe that could be operated by electricity.  Before he succeeded he failed more than ten thousand times.  The Wright brothers dreamt of a flying machine.  The evidence is around us today.

The secret to their success was BELIEF, COMMITTMENT, and PERSEVERANCE.

Your dream may not be as big as that of Thomas Edison or the Wright brothers.  Nevertheless, what you have now is important to YOU and can be accomplished if you have the desire to do so.

Don’t be afraid to commit to your dream.
Record your dreams on paper.
Enjoy the small successes along the way.
A motivating factor is picturing the dream in your mind.
Make sure everyone knows your dream – you’ll want to succeed!
See things as a learning experience – never as a failure.

Never be misled by another’s perception of your dreams.  When Marconi was discovering how to transmit sound through the airwaves, friends took him to a psychopathic hospital to be examined!  He didn’t let this distract him.  He believed in what he was doing.

What is your dream?  Write it down and pin it where you can see it every day!  If, the first time round, you don’t succeed, never think of it as a failure and stop.  It is merely a stepping stone to success – a learning experience.

There is a French Proverb: “It is by believing in roses that one brings them to bloom.”  Prove to yourself that your rose can bloom too.




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