Epic Journey Across Australia

Every now and then you come across an inspiring individual who is taking action to make a difference in the world.

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate to meet such a person; standing in the supermarket checkout of all places!

It turned out that the guy standing in front of me, Andrew Cadigan (or Cad as he’s mostly known), is on an epic journey to walk – yes, you read that correctly, walk! – across Australia to raise funds for the Cancer Council. A journey of some 17,000 kms (around 10,500 miles).

I grabbed his ‘Oz On Foot’ business card and, intrigued about Cad’s adventure, I had a look at his website and was amazed at what he is doing.

Cad’s slogan is “One Man, One Pram, Two Feet and a Heart Beat!”

I interviewed Cad and asked him why he decided to go on his epic journey, what he gave up in his life to do it, and what keeps him going in tough times. Listen in to Cad’s inspiring story…

(Interview: 2011.  Cad (Andrew) completed his mission in 2012, walking 15,000km around Australia over 350 days, where he raised $65,000 for charity. Sadly, Cad died in Thailand 12 weeks after he completed his goal. RIP Cad.)



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  1. Alizya

    I love traveling too much you can say it is my hobby to visit different countries of world. and i like traveling sites the most because i got inspiration from these travelling site and your site becomes one of my favourite website. specially i like the Cad’s slogan in your site which is “One Man, One Pram, Two Feet and a Heart Beat!” that looks poetry.


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