How To Find Calm & Peace In Chaos

In 2016 I was struck down with bizarre symptoms that baffled doctors and took me down a path of never ending specialists, incidental findings, diagnoses of other conditions including an autoimmune disease, blood clots, and a constant state of stress and anxiety that left me feeling sick to my stomach. All the time hiding this to most people and pretending to the world that all was well just for some normalcy and to keep my shit together. I continued to serve my clients when I could, but everything else in my world came to a halt.

On one occasion I needed to travel to Adelaide to see a Neurosurgeon and on the way I took this photo you can see above, which made me feel calm and centred. It was a message that no matter what turmoil is going on in my world there are always steady constants… always things that look solid and feel solid in my being.

Like the vastness of the sky and that above those clouds are the stars, the planets, the Universe. Solid. Constant.

Like the trees, who rather than break in the wind, they bend, they adapt, they let their roots go deep into Mother Earth. Strong. Constant.

Like the grass and the weeds, that even in summer when it dies it springs back with rain. Tenacious. Constant.

Like the stone that is shaped, moulded and weathers the elements. Strong. Constant.

It reminded me back then that on the other side of stress, anxiety and sickness is calm, peace and wellness.

But here’s the thing. Depending on your state of mind, stress and anxiety are constants, and so too are calm and peace.

It was up to me to decide what constant I wanted to focus on and where to put my energy.

It was up to me to decide which constant I wanted to allow to control me, or which constant I wanted to allow to free me.

For a while, I let the constant of stress, anxiety and sickness rule.

Then I chose the calm, peace and wellness constant. I refused to let a diagnosis define me, rule me, or dictate to me. I relinquished the excuses. I made the decision that it was up to me to go through it, go around it, get past it.

The journey wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. And you know… the journey certainly isn’t over. I don’t think it ever will be. Not because I’m unwell.  I am very well! 😊

But a journey is another constant, right! Because life throws things at you – hello COVID for one!

Without daily practice to live a calm and peaceful life as much as you can… without daily practice at making a conscious effort on which constant to focus on… without making a commitment on which constant to commit to? Well, before you know it those fireballs life has thrown at you will eat away at you.

Eat away at your immune system, eat away at your wellbeing, eat away at your happiness, eat away at your state of mind.

It’s something you’ve got to work on and protect.

I love and welcome my daily practice and routines such as my Priming Exercise, Meditation, Gratitude Journal, Reflections and more.

It allows me to continue to be well. It keeps my stress levels down. It gifts to me the opportunity to be in harmony as much as I can. Harmony with nature, harmony with those I love, harmony with all that is around me, and harmony with my life passions.

Choosing the right constant and living by my daily practice means I live congruent with my values and life mission.

Of course, that’s not to say I don’t have crappy days… I’m human! 😉 But what I do is choose to refocus on my constant.

That photo you can see above on this post? I have that scene to thank, as well as the Universe and my higher self who showed me examples of the constants. Showed me awareness of what that means to my life.

And when I need a reminder of a constant, I look to nature for the answers. This is my source, my inspiration.

So tell me, what positive constants can you focus on in your life?  Where are you getting your inspiration from with your constants? What are you going to choose to commit to TODAY to make a huge impact in your life? Don’t wait, start now 🙂


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