How to Quickly Resolve Problems & Get Better Results

As children we laughed with abundance and there was no such thing as a bad idea.  Instead, we giggled with glee at a funny idea and used it as inspiration to generate a new idea. Nothing was impossible and it was this sense of freedom that allowed us to explore and grow.


Then as we grew into adults, these ideas, the freedom, and the thought that anything was possible just went away.  Indeed, some ideas just died, or became boring, or the frenetic pace of our life demanded that we forget about it and just do what we always do.

As a child you were encouraged to think creatively, to let it come out and play, and just as quickly this creativity was more than likely squashed as you progressed through your life. (After all, how many times have you heard someone say “Oh, that’s a silly idea!” or “Don’t be so silly!”)  Another factor of your creativity being squashed could have stemmed from fear – fear of criticism, fear of failure, even fear of success.  Or it could be habit in not taking the time to think and reflect. Or, sadly, our own judgments that are getting in our way.

All of these factors can lead to a stagnancy that can hold you back in exploring new ideas to resolve problems. It’s time to give yourself permission to be creative! This in turn can spawn new dreams, new goals, new innovations, and the energy and excitement to turn it into a reality.


So how do you resolve problems quickly and get better results?


Your creativity and problem solving aptitude can be developed through fun exercises, such as visualizations, playing the “what if” game, journaling, some “kid play”, drawing your ideal world / career / business, brainteasers, curious excursions, and so on.


The key is to have fun!

Having fun helps you disarm the inner censor that all too quickly condemns your ideas as ludicrous. (Goleman & Kaufmann, 1992).


If you really want to accelerate new possibilities and insights, start asking yourself questions that have no solution. Sounds a bit weird, right? But this kicks your brain into a creative state so you can problem solve quicker, AND get better results!


So for instance, let’s say you’re in the start-up phase of your business. A question to spark your creativity and begin problem solving – in a hurry! – may be something like: “You have 6 months to get your business to a 6-figure income level. How do you do it?”


This question is curious and open, allowing you to think of hundreds of possibilities; thus, the question is not limiting your thought patterns. Wouldn’t you agree that with numerous possibilities you are bound to get better results? You have more choices and the ability to make better judgement on which solution is best for you.


Taking the example above and flipping the coin, a limiting question may have been “You have 6 months to get your business to a 6-figure income level. What 3 things can you do to get there?”


Try it yourself.  If you ask “How do you do it?” your mind goes into free fall and all these thoughts are jumping around in your head and you can’t wait to get them down on paper.  Whereas, if you ask yourself “What 3 things can you do to get there?” your mind goes stagnant trying to think of the best 3 things. You are too busy trying to think what is good or not; so in effect, you are judging your own thoughts.  This stifles creativity and stops you from moving forward. So just like a stagnant pool of water, you become inactive, sluggish and dull.


Here are some more questions that can spark your creativity – relate the question to your problem and / or slightly alter the words. I’ve also included some space for you to add more of your own questions as it relates to the problems you wish to resolve (just print this page).


  1. You have 48 hours in which to lose 50kg. How do you do it?
  2. Going to work is a real pain in the butt. Eliminate it.
  3. You have 6 months to get every person on the planet to buy your product / service, and ensure they continue to buy from you again and again. What’s your plan?
  4. You’ve been on safari in the desert and you fell off your camel. How do you get back home?
  5. _____________________________________________________________
  6. _____________________________________________________________
  7. _____________________________________________________________
  8. _____________________________________________________________
  9. _____________________________________________________________
  10. _____________________________________________________________
  11. _____________________________________________________________
  12. _____________________________________________________________
  13. _____________________________________________________________
  14. _____________________________________________________________



YOU are a beautiful, creative individual and your creativity is just waiting to come out to play!


Remember: More Creativity + Brainstorming = Quicker Resolution of Problems and Better Results.


Have fun!




  1. Denny

    I am in the start-up phase of my home business right now

    So your post is helpful to me, I’ss try this way of thinking out 🙂


    • Tara

      G’day Denny! You are most welcome and I wish you much success with your new business 🙂


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