Are Your Monsters Gobbling You Up?

For some reason, my dog thinks the toaster is a monster.

He has such a fear of the toaster that as soon as I pop some bread into it, he charges out of the house to hide, tail between his legs; convinced the toaster is going to jump off the cupboard, chase after him and gobble him up!

In fact, his fear is so massive that despite him hating the rain with a vengeance, he will go and sit out in the rain just to get away from the toaster (normally he wouldn’t let a drop of rain touch his head!). Same thing goes if it is 40C (104F) outside; he would much prefer to swelter in the sun and nearly cark it than be inside with ‘The Monster’.

I have no idea why he has such a fear of toasters, and unfortunately, unlike us humans where we can get guidance on our fears, talk through all logical outcomes, and walk out the other side free of the fear, my darling little dog can’t do this and seems destined to be afraid of the monster all of his life, despite my best efforts to reassure him.

His situation and the way he reacts reminds me of what humans put themselves through, just to avert what we perceive as ‘pain’ due to an ingrained fear that we possess. We will jump through hoops, run 10 miles backward, and climb the wrong mountain; just to avoid ‘it’.

In jumping through those hoops, running those miles, and climbing a mountain, we’ve expended more energy than we should have which has taken our energy off what matters. Did you know that it takes more energy to fight your fear than it does to face it and move through it?

Fears are self-limiting beliefs that do not serve you in any way. And without evaluating your fear they sit in your subconscious, allowed to fester like a wound, and prevent you from fulfilling your dreams and desires.

What beliefs and fears are holding you back from stepping out with passion and purpose?

Please download this worksheet to work through your beliefs and fears so you can transform your thinking and eradicate the monsters! 🙂




  1. normz2

    My biggest fear is there is not enough hours in a day to get things done. I come across so many things I want to do, so many bright ideas. I start something and hope to get back to it. Eventually, I get there.

    • Tara

      Hello Norm! 🙂 Do you prioritise everything and break it down into bite sized chunks? Focusing on one thing at a time. When an idea pops into your mind that is really good, jot it down in an ‘idea’s journal, then when you close the cover of the journal, let that thought rest so you can continue with the other things that need to get done first. As always, lovely to hear from you 🙂

  2. Marcus Baker

    Tara I just loved the story about your dog and the toaster! As ridiculous and unexplainable as that is, so are many of the fears we have too but as you point out this is one monster we can learn to tame and we must tame if we are to be successful. Great post. Thank you.

    ~ Marcus Baker ~
    Home Business Coach

    • Tara

      You are most welcome Marcus – I’m glad you enjoyed it… andyes, you are spot on – it is something we need to tame 🙂

  3. cynthia

    Hey Tara!
    Love the toaster metaphor, and wonder if puppy therapy is an option?? Kidding, but I totally get what you’re saying. And really? Some of the best material is simply what shows up from day to day. Thanks.


    • Tara

      G’day Cynthia! 🙂 Yes, puppy therapy is definitely on the cards 😉 I’m pleased you enjoyed the post… keep in touch and take care 🙂


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