Playing Your Own Movie

It’s true that if you want something to happen, you have to believe it first.

I also believe that in order for your belief to be 100% fool-proof, one must master the art of self-movie making! If you find it hard to visualize, don’t worry; if practiced every day it becomes easier – as with anything!

I heard an athlete say she “pictures” herself winning. She plays the movie over and over in her mind, day after day. To her, she has already won; she just needs to “re-enact” her movie.

When you tell your brain something often enough it will believe it! Self belief is the key!

But, unfortunately, this can also work in the reverse. Putting yourself down, feeding yourself negative chatter or being exposed to ongoing negativity can be awfully damaging to that special person – YOU.

Today, right now, why not start on your journey of being a positive self-movie maker. Just think what you could achieve! How your day can be!

Now that’s something to smile about 😀



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