I was watching a video on the ‘States of Mind’ by Dennis Deaton; where Dennis provides insights into habitual thought patterns and mental circuitry, and how you can change your life around by thinking powerfully and consistently – after all, our thoughts can either make us or break us.

One concept Dennis shared throughout the video series was in having your very own power thoughts that you can tap into to switch your thinking. And I just loved his powerful thought when dealing with fears that may be holding you back: “If it looks like death, it’s probably life… run to it.”

What power thoughts can you come up with? I challenge you in thinking about it now, jotting them down and memorizing so they are ready when you need them.

Dennis mentioned another concept that I found very interesting; and of which I am also guilty of doing on occasions. And it is this: rather than repress your thoughts, acknowledge and redirect.

After all, if you’re already thinking the thought, it is in your brain so there’s no point in trying to squash it. Instead, acknowledge the thought you are having and redirect the thought in another way so it is positive. Dennis gave a very good example of this in respect to chocolate cake. If you’re thinking about the cake but you know you can’t have it, you try and forget about the thought. Instead redirect, and then move on.

Think powerfully and consistently and your thoughts will make you, instead of break you.

“The fundamental and distinguishing characteristic of high achievers… is their thought processes”
~ Dennis Deaton



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