Putting Things Into Perspective

Sometimes it takes a different view to put things into perspective.

Looking at the photo above that I took one day coming home, I could walk up to the windmill and raintank and it was large… stepping back, it is tiny against the backdrop of these magnificent clouds and sun.

The same can be said of life’s challenges.

When you inwardly view the challenge, the problem seems large. It is hard to see past the problem.

But when you take a step back, your view widens and new details emerge.

Just like the vastness of the clouds – and the sky itself – the problem becomes like a miniature against the backdrop and the challenge or problem does not seem so large.

This takes the ‘edge’ off the challenge and allows you to creatively look at things with a different perspective.

We are not the sum of our problems, but the creator of new visions.



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