Release the Feelings

I call this my Bubbles Exercise that I recommend to coaching clients when a feeling or memory is hindering their progress.

It’s okay to feel the feelings and learn from them. But when a feeling or memory is holding us back from claiming our goals and dreams, this exercise can be helpful in letting go and moving forward.

First step is to get yourself a bubble blowing kit – the kind that kids play with 🙂 You can pick these up quite cheaply and easily at your local supermarket or you can make your own.

Next, with a notebook or journal at hand, find a sacred place. This could be in your backyard, at your local park – wherever is comfortable for you and where you feel you won’t be disturbed.

When you get to your sacred place, set your intention. Setting your intention is really important to do. Ask yourself: “What feeling / memory do I want to release? What is this feeling / memory holding me back from?”

Hold those answers in your mind, and then start blowing bubbles. As your bubble forms, imagine that feeling / memory being locked inside that bubble. Your feeling / memory that is holding you back is now inside that bubble… floating away. Or perhaps the feeling / memory is locked inside the bubble and suddenly the bubble pops and your feeling / memory pops along with it.

As you see your feeling / memory float or pop away, allow yourself to let it go. Allow your body to do whatever it wants to do when the feeling / memory is popped or floats away. If you want to cry, cry. If you want to shout, shout. If you want to scream, scream. If you want to laugh, laugh. Just let the emotion out that is associated with letting go of the feeling / memory.

If you feel no release at all, close your eyes and once again set your intention. Then blow your bubbles and observe them until you feel the release.

When you have felt the release and feel that your feeling / memory has been set free, sit down and take the time to reflect and write in your notebook. Ask yourself:

“How do I feel now this feeling / memory has been released?”

“What gifts did this feeling / memory give me?”

“What did I learn from these gifts?”

“Now that the feeling / memory has been set free and is no longer holding me back, what do I want to achieve?”

“To make my goal a reality, what steps can I begin today?”



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