Quantum physics has been spectacularly successful in verifying what eastern mystics have known for 2500 years. It is not our brain that gives rise to our consciousness, instead it is our consciousness, or mind, that creates everything that seems so real to us.  Ref: http://www.justmindpower.com/


So what do you think of that statement?

You know, I can recall a time from way back when I got out of bed, the kettle wouldn’t boil fast enough, then the toothpaste flew out of the tube and landed with a big thump on the mirror, and the clothes I wanted to wear that day weren’t ironed…


I would groan out loud, give a big sigh and just want to crawl back into bed.  I thought to myself the day was a disaster and it couldn’t get any better!

You know what? It didn’t.

Simply because I let my mind create my reality for that ENTIRE day, and of course, true to the law of attraction, it didn’t get any better; in fact it got worse! 😀

I’m sure you can relate to this from some event in your life.

Thankfully, I learned about the power of our conscious mind and how I can so quickly, and easily, change my thought patterns to totally change not just that day, but every day.

So getting back to the little scenario I outlined above… if you’ve experienced something similar, wouldn’t you agree that the opposite is true?

If you can so easily turn a not-so-good day into a really bad day, then don’t you believe that you can turn an okay day into a fabulous day?

It comes back to your attitude, would you agree?

Which leads me into your entrepreneurial mindset.

To be a true master of your entrepreneurial destiny, it is so important that you cultivate a mindset of success.  Think like an entrepreneur, act like an entrepreneur, surround yourself with your entrepreneurial vision and lifestyle.

So here’s a fun exercise for you… to feed your mind with your entrepreneurial vision,  I’d like to challenge you in putting together your “Prosperity Board”.  What is it?

Basically, it’s a pin-up board or whatever else you may choose and it’s a visual affirmation of you, as an Entrepreneur.  A Prosperity Board is a powerful tool that appeals directly to the right side of your brain, which is the part of your brain that responds to feelings and images.

Include any pictures or words that symbolize your success and what you truly want in life and business.  By focusing your energies on what you want to manifest in your life, your creative imagination will simply cause it to become a reality…

And that, my friend, is coming straight back to your consciousness that I mentioned earlier, where you are creating your reality.

Here’s some directions for creating your Prosperity Board:

  • Get a medium size pin-up board or poster board – something you can easily pin stuff to and change whenever you feel like it.
  • Then hang your board in a prominent place where you can see it EVERY DAY.
  • Next, cut out pictures and words from magazines, newspapers etc that depict YOU as a successful entrepreneur.  For example, you may be driving a really cool Lamborghini!! (Be creative if you want and doctor it in a photo editing program… put yourself in the car!) You may also like to list your goals and pictures that relate to health and prosperity, as well as pictures that represent a flourishing business.
  • Then, cut out the elements and just stick it on the board.  Remember, there’s no right or wrong way in doing this… the goal is to have fun and encapsulate YOU as a successful entrepreneur.  If it makes you feel great when you look at it, then you’re speaking to your heart.


Looking frequently at your Prosperity Board cultivates your entrepreneurial mindset and reminds you of who you are… not in the future… but NOW.  It’s so important you LIVE your future life in the NOW.

When you’ve achieved a particular milestone that’s on your board, take it down and in big letters write THANK YOU across the picture.

Have fun putting together your board.